About Us


PH-IT INTERNATIONAL VENTURES LIMITED is a brand new civil construction, IT, allied contracting and General merchandize Company among others, duly certified by the Nigerian corporate affairs commission (CAC) on December 7TH 2011, under the company and allied matters decree of 1990 of the federal republic of Nigeria with registration number: RC 999059.


PH-IT INTERNATIONAL VENTURES LIMITED is born out of our irresistible quest to play a pivotal role in the infrastructural, human, social and economic development of our people. We are implored by our vision and mission to impact our primary environment; the Niger delta and Nigeria and the world at large in the 1st place…….


We have started a few years ago with business outfit-enterprise on the internet based on web application development and hosting (Mario5 Web Studio) from Moscow, Russia, now  with registration RC 999059 registered 7th December, 2011 as PH-IT INTERNATIONAL VENTURES LIMITED.


Mr. Perewari Oyinbunugha as the Chairman and project Coordinator. We have in the last couple of years showed character and competence; character in our ability to put our clients in terms of delivering target and competence in terms of the quality of job done to mention a few. Her economic….


And now, as we evolve by more than a quantum leap into a Limited liability company – PH-IT INTERNATIONAL VENTURES LIMITED or more appropriately PH-IT INTERNATIONAL VENTURES LIMITED we are equipped as individuals in terms of our experiences in both professional expertise and otherwise and also in terms of capacity, we have business relationships with notable equipment and logistic companies that can and are ready to muscle every challenges.


PH-IT INTERNATIONAL VENTURES LIMITED has her strength laced in the vision bearer’s resolve to pursue or approach purpose with the Excellency of dignity and Excellency of power and strategy even so its placing the proficiency of Co-directors and other members of our team on its head with the single mindedness of building a water light human resources based company and rock solid infrastructural setting.



Our Vision

To build, nurture and redefine a global organizational passion for performance with world class technology processes through the development of world class people and establishments.


  • To help our customers differentiate themselves by using our seasoned professionals, latest technology and services for a unique performance
  • To assist our stakeholders impact the world around them positively through our culture and integrity.
  • To continually be focal point of reference for quality, innovation, cost effectiveness and efficiency in our sphere of operations.