Android App

Android is one of the fastest growing mobile operating systems with 60-80% user adoption rates across the globe. Android is backed by Google, and is constantly updating & innovating the mobile OS to increase user engagement and smoothen mobile operations. Android also runs across tablets, smart watches, TV, Automobiles & Augmented Reality. Google Play is Android’s App market which generated about six billion U.S. dollars in revenue last year, and is increasing day by day.


Android Development Advantages:

  • User Base – Android is ruling the mobile device market with more than 75% of market share
  • Android for Work – It is enterprise ready
  • Open Source – Save licensing & app development costs
  • Easy Access to App Market – App developed gets listed faster compared to iOS App Market

Over the past five years, Mario5 has built up a strong, dedicated Android application development team. We have executed Android applications ranging from small utility app to enterprise-grade Android solutions.

Mario5 is an Android application development company located in Nigeria, offering android mobile app development, consulting, testing, design and support services for native applications, android integration, mobile commerce applications, augmented reality applications, tablet applications and android auto applications.