The Mario5 Web Studio Logo Design Competition is organized by PH-IT International Ventures Limited, and it is designed to promote the creativity and graphic design skills of interested participants and also develop the talent to create value from opportunity.




  1. This contest is open to all who is interested.
  2. All logo designs must be original works specifically designed for the competition.
  3. Co-authorship of any logo is not permitted.
  4. Entrants are to submit only one entry.
  5. The designed logo is to be submitted including other materials as mentioned in 6 below by uploading it to at the participant login area
  6. Designs should not contain more than 3 colours out of the four coloursĀ  designated below:

Maximum Number of colours to use: 3

Minimum Number of coloursĀ  to use: 2

THE FOUR (4) COLOURS: RED/YELLOW/BLUE/(white&black – universal)

Designed logo should be implemented

in Letter head, Baseball cap, T-shirt and a complimentary card.

  1. Only participants who come out successful will be contacted.
  2. Prizes and Grants will be awarded to the best 3 logo designers.
  3. The logo design will be judged based on: Simplicity, Originality of idea, Relevance to the industry, and Conformity to Contest Rules.
  4. The winning logo will be published in Mario5 website and social media platforms including the name of the designer


To participate, First Register on our website by clicking before making any Registration payment.

How to register:

  1. Carefully read the guidelines above
  2. Fill the Site Registration form correctly.
  3. During Registration you will have to verify your email address.
  4. After verifying your email through the link sent to you during registration, then login back to the site with your username or email and password to follow the Payment instructions at the participant area
  5. When payment is done you will be redirected to print out the Proof of Payment from this site as a proof.